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2908 Humboldt Ave So. Minneapolis, MN 55408

Bringing Together ART and SCIENCE

This is a statement that reflects how I work. Whether my work is clinical practice with individuals or couples, supervision, consultation with organizations, or training, every aspect of my work has a theoretical grounding as well as a human and artistic element in terms of how this theoretical framework and knowledge is applied. Every client is unique and services are customized to fit the needs and strengths of each client.


If you would like to make an appointment, or have a brief phone consultation, to talk about how we might work together, please call me at 612-875-1121 and leave a message.


Office located directly across from Lund's Supermarket
in Uptown, Minneapolis, Minnesota ...

Therapy Services:

I provide individual and couples therapy to adults and adolescents. My clinical practice is grounded in attachment theory, developmental/complex trauma, cognitive behavioral theory, psychodynamic theory and cultural competency. In my practice I also integrate emerging neuroscience research about the brain and how childhood and family experiences, including trauma, affects the brain and becomes the blueprint for subsequent relationships throughout our lives.


When someone makes the decision to enter therapy, this is usually for any one of a number of different reasons: maybe some part of their life is not going as well as they would like (e.g. job, a relationship with a partner/spouse or child, etc.); sometimes a significant event or life transition has happened (e.g. aging parents, job loss/change, grief and loss, etc.). Whatever the reason or trigger event, it can be helpful to navigate these changes or challenges with a therapist.


Here is my basic philosophy of therapy: self-reflection + gaining insight + applying one or more specific models/approaches of making change + courage + relationship with a therapist = the possibility to make change in your life

Linda Gensheimer

Contact Information

If you would like to make an appointment, or have a brief phone consultation, to talk about how we might work together, please call me at 612-875-1121 and leave a message ... or send me an email ...


PhD, University of Minnesota MSW, The Ohio State University. Over 25 years of clinical experience in a variety of mental health settings. Currently a community faculty at the University of Minnesota, MSW Program.


Along with colleagues, Cynthia Packer, MSW, LICSW and Teresa Saracino, MSW, LICSW we provide individual and group supervision to social workers, marriage and family therapists and psychologists at all levels of licensure. This practice is grounded in various theoretical frameworks and also integrates emerging neuroscience research about the impact of trauma and attachment on the brain and its application in social work practice and supervision.

Consultation and Training:

Along with colleague, Cynthia Packer, MSW, LICSW we provide consultation and training services to organizations and groups on a number of topics including: trauma informed practice, supporting staff dealing with secondary trauma, ethical practice, integrating emerging neuroscience into clinical/supervision practice, dealing with conflict, supervising across differences, critical thinking/practice.

Therapy Fees:

Individual or couple sessions: $125. For clients who do not have insurance or who choose to pay out of pocket, a 20% discount is provided. There are pros and cons to using health insurance benefits to pay for therapy and I am happy to discuss this with potential clients. Green discount: A $5 discount is given to anyone who walks, bikes, carpools or uses public transportation
to come to sessions.

Insurance & EAP Plans Accepted:

Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Health Partners (note: primary network for MA and PMAP; secondary network for all others), Metropolitan Health Plan, Preferred One, UCARE, Sandcreek, EAPrefer, Total Employee Assistance Management (T.E.A.M.). If your plan is not listed, it is often possible to use out-of-network benefits

Supervision Fees:

My colleagues and I have a strong commitment to providing quality supervision at a cost that is affordable, so rates for individual supervision are negotiable but would range from $25 to $50/hour. Group rates would range from $20 to $30 for a 90-minute group. We also help supervisees brainstorm possible ways to meet supervision costs through their employer.

Consultation and Training Fees: This is arranged on an individual project basis.